MET Project is strategically located in the industrially backward Jhajjar district and adjoining parts of Gurgaon district of Haryana State covering 30 revenue villages, of which 22 are in Jhajjar district and 8 in Gurgaon district. Some of the favorable location attributes are:It is part of the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) and shares it border with the Delhi State.

The MET project area is well buffered by the agricultural zones of the development plan areas of Delhi’s L-Zone in the North-East, Gurgaon-Manesar Urban Complex in the South East, Jhajjar Development Plan area in the north west and Farrukhnagar Development Plan area in the South.

MET is located about 5 km from Farukhnagar, 14 km from Jhajjar, 17 km from Bahadurgarh, 30 km from Gurgaon city in Haryana and 18 km from Najafgarh in Delhi.

Recognizing its potential for planned development, the area was notified as controlled area allowing the Government to prepare a separate development plan for the area.

The Government has also declared the area as an Urban Area to enable utilising provisions of the various urban facilities to the area.

It lies within the influence area of the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) Project and the Government of Haryana has recommended it as a node of the DMIC. The project is also connected to the western Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC).


The area has strong linkages to the major urban areas amongst the surrounding developments of the north Indian region as well as other regions through national and state highways, expressways as well as rail corridors.


The under construction KMP Expressway also known as the Western Peripheral Expressway bye passing Delhi, passes through the project and provides connectivity to all the National Highways-- NH-2, NH-8, NH-71, NH-10 in the NCR. There are 2 KMP road interchanges which are in the vicinity of the MET project area.

The State Highway (SH 15A) passing along the western part of the project area has been proposed to be developed as a National Highway.

Two major district roads (MDRs) with four lane median divided roads pass through the project area viz, MDR 123 connecting Jhajjar in North west and on the west to Najafgarh in West Delhi, and MDR 136 that connects Bahadurgarh on the North East and Gurgaon on the South East.


Farrukhnagar railway station is located close to the project area and is connected to the Garhi Harsaru station on main Northern Railway line emanating from Delhi.

A 2 km rail link from Farrukhnagar will be extended to a Private Freight Terminal (PFT) proposed in the Project Area. The Garhi Harsaru station is also planned to be upgraded to enable movement of cargo trains from the PFT towards Rewari and the ports in western India.

Farukhnagar town is steeped in history for being one of the locations for holding prisoners captured by the British in the 1857 mutiny. The Delhi-Farukhnagar rail link is one of the oldest in the country having been commissioned in the year 1873. There are six pair of trains that operate daily to and from Farukhnagar connecting Delhi and other cities in North India.


The Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) in Delhi is 50km from the MET via SH-15A & NH-8. However, this distance would be reduced to about 30km, once the under construction Northern Peripheral Road/ Dwarka Expressway is completed.


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